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Coaches, we would love your help: can you share the NICA Alumni Network with your teams and families? The NICA Alumni Network helps former NICA athletes stay connected to a thriving and engaged cycling community…because #morekidsonbikes means more cyclists for life!

Use our-ready-to send Gmail template by clicking here, or copy/paste and customize the text below.

Hello [Student-athlete name]

I want to thank you for your time and energy and all that you’ve brought to our team over the years! We are so sad to see you go, but know that you’ll always be a part of our team community. [Add an anecdote about the athlete here!]

The NICA Alumni Network is a space for NICA graduates to connect with each other and stay engaged with the cycling community. You can join for free, or opt into a membership that includes a small donation that supports NICA. 

All alumni members receive access to alumni-only events and a NICA alumni Strava club, and the paid membership even includes a NICA store discount and special offers from NICA partners (similar to many that you receive as a NICA student-athlete – bike and gear discounts, etc.!) There’s even a way to stay up-to-date with outdoor industry jobs via the NICA Alumni LinkedIn group, and the network is also continuously rolling out new features. 

Before you move on from the team, I just wanted to make sure you and your family are aware of this opportunity to stay connected. You can learn more and sign up here:

Ride on,

Coach [Name here]

The NICA Alumni Network creates an intentional space for NICA graduates to connect with one another and stay engaged with the cycling community.

No matter when, where, or how long you rode with a NICA league, you are welcome to join the Alumni Network!

Our Basic Membership option is a free point of access into this community of NICA alumni; members can connect with other NICA graduates, attend events, view jobs posted by NICA partners, and be added to the NICA Alumni email list. For NICA alumni who want all the benefits of the basic tier, PLUS some sweet sponsor/partner deals and NICA swag discounts, sign up for our Insider Membership!

This content was authored by NICA's coach education team. NICA’s comprehensive coach education program provides new and existing coaches with the high-quality training and resources they need to be confident, competent, and empowered leaders on their youth mountain bike teams. NICA coaches not only create amazing experiences for student-athletes, they create a foundation for building healthy mountain bike communities. NICA coaches change lives! 


Special thanks to CANYON, a NICA corporate partner.

NICA partners help kids gain access to a thriving and engaged cycling community.

Special thanks to CANYON, a NICA corporate partner.

NICA partners help kids gain access to a thriving and engaged cycling community.



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