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Design your team kit

Designing a kit can be daunting! NICA partner Borah Teamwear makes the process simple and seamless, and offers discounted pricing for NICA teams.

Photo by Katie Sox, Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League

Looking for your own personal NICA kit? Check out our Borah Teamwear store.

Designing a team kit is a process that can be both exciting, fun, creative…and maybe a bit daunting. Teams have so many choices to make when it comes to vendors and types of kits. And, design options are literally endless! 

NICA partner Borah Teamwear works with hundreds of NICA teams across the country (in addition to their many other clients) to make the team kit process as simple as possible. Borah offers discounted pricing exclusively for NICA teams,  has a wide variety of kit styles and options, plus they provide full-service design support, easy online ordering, and even a size guarantee to ensure your riders end up with the right fit! 
Here's a look at Borah's seamless team kit ordering process, from start to finish…
First: Create a rad kit design

Fall teams should start planning their designs in January/February, while NICA’s spring leagues should focus on their design needs in August/September. Designing a team kit generally takes around 1 to 2 weeks depending on how many revisions are requested. 

Here are all the steps in Borah’s design process:

  1. Send Borah your logos and artwork
  2. A Borah designer will create a 3D template – this usually takes about 3 to 5 business days
  3. Once you review your kit design, revisions can be made and communicated with the Borah design team
  4. Next, approve your rad design!
  5. The Borah team will print and send a fabric color swatch – completed within 2-3 business days
  6. Approve the color swatch , and Borah will set up your new team store!

Your team store

A team store is Borah’s online ordering platform. Borah’s account reps will build the store, and you’ll be able to share the link with your families. Your store is custom to your team, so families will only be able to see/order your team items. Borah encourages families to open their store two times each season: once for a preseason ordering window, and another just before your season begins. The goal with breaking team orders into two separate “windows” is to shorten the length of production, and to give Borah time if anyone needs to do size exchanges. Of course, the more orders you can get in your first window, the better! Borah suggests that each store opening window is no more than two weeks long. Here are their suggested store windows for each season:

  • FALL LEAGUES: First store open March/April; second store open May/June
  • SPRING LEAGUES: First store open October/November; second store open December/January

Order processing

So, what happens next? Once you’ve shared your store link with families/they’ve placed their orders, the team store will “close” and no more orders will be accepted until a new store is opened. After the store closes, all orders will be batched together for production. Borah offers a couple of options for how kits are ultimately delivered to teams:

  • Orders can be shipped directly to team members at a cost of $12.50 per order, or…
  • Orders can be individually packaged with packing slips and batched and shipped to the coordinator for final hand out at a cost of $7.50 per order

Borah also offers batch ordering, a more manual process for the team coordinators. With batch ordering, the team kit coordinator collects quantities, sizes, and money and sends the info directly to Borah. Borah creates the order and sends the coordinator an invoice to be paid through online or with a credit card. After the invoice is paid, Borah moves the order into production. This is a more manual process but can be helpful for teams who order through their schools, etc.


After stores are closed or the order is paid in full, Borah will provide teams with a shipping date and move the orders into production. Production can take between 4 to 7 weeks depending on the season. It is always a good idea to plan ahead with plenty of time to receive your kits before your first event weekend! 

That’s it! A simple, straightforward, and customer-service centered approach makes ordering kits through Borah a breeze. Learn more and connect with Borah to start the process of your team kit today! 

*Note: league timelines may vary, especially in our spring leagues! It’s important to check your league’s calendar to see when you should start your kit planning/design process, and when you should close your team store to ensure that your kits arrive on time before your first events.

Looking for your own personal NICA kit? Check out our Borah Teamwear store for NICA jerseys, shorts, and coach-specifit kits.


Start Design

Let our design pros assist in creating a kit that your team will be proud to wear on race day.

Fall leagues: January/February

Spring leagues: August/September


1st Order Kickoff

Ideally, your team store should be ready to take orders at team registration time. We’ll put this first order into production as soon as the store closes.

Fall leagues: March/April

Spring leagues: October/November


2nd Order

Your first order should be arriving soon. If you have latecomers that still need to purchase gear, we’ll reopen your store at this time and collect the remaining orders.

Fall leagues: May/June

Spring leagues: December/January


New Kit Day Smile!

Your remaining orders are delivered. Congrats! Now go out there and shred those trails in your new kits!

Fall leagues: August

Spring leagues: February/March

This content was authored by NICA's coach education team. NICA’s comprehensive coach education program provides new and existing coaches with the high-quality training and resources they need to be confident, competent, and empowered leaders on their youth mountain bike teams. NICA coaches not only create amazing experiences for student-athletes, they create a foundation for building healthy mountain bike communities. NICA coaches change lives! 




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