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Bear, Salmon, Mosquito

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Bear, Salmon, Mosquito

Objective: I can communicate with my team. I can have fun!  

Setup: Set up a playing field with two end lines and a dividing line in the middle. Divide your team into two groups, and teach each option:

  • Bear: hands up high growling 
  • Salmon: hands together making a swimming motion 
  • Mosquito: pointer finger and thumb close together and make a “buzzing” noise. 

Let athletes know that the bear eats the salmon, salmon eats the mosquito, and the mosquito stings the bear. 

Rules: Each group picks an animal, without the other team knowing their selection. Groups line up facing each other on the center line. On “GO!” the groups make their animal movements/sounds. The winning team tries to tag the others before they reach the end line behind them. Tagged student athletes join the opposing team.

Reflection Questions:  

How did you help your team during the activity? What did a fellow team member do that was really helpful?

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