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Coach Updates for January

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Pit Zone Change: Courses, Resources, & Benefits button

Coaches logging into Pit Zone in 2023 will notice a small change: a new “Courses, Resources, & Benefits” button! This button formerly read “Access Coach Courses” but has been updated to better reflect the content housed within NICA’s coach education center. Check it out for yourself by logging into Pit Zone and looking for the new navigation under your name in the coach dashboard, or above your coach licensing requirements in your coach profile. 

The NICA Coaches Help Desk

Need to know if that rad clinic you took counts as a CEU? How about a little more info about a specific coach benefit? Want to get squared away on NICA first aid requirements? Check out the new NICA Coach Help Desk! 

The Help Desk is designed to make sure that coach questions are routed to the exact NICA staff person who can best assist with the request. Each inquiry goes directly to an awesome NICA staff member who can provide expert advice/assistance in a timely manner. Most help desk requests are answered within 1-2 business days. 

Check out the help desk for yourself at

Team directors and head coaches – be sure to share this link with any new coaches should they need assistance!