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Composite Team Expansion

Our newest coach playbook helps successful composite teams continue to grow and welcome more athletes to the NICA community.

Photo: Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League

Has your team's school-based enrollment grown? Is your athlete's average travel to practice well beyond the average for your region? Is team management becoming difficult due to your team size? Have you had to cap your registration due to strained resources? It might be time to think about expanding your composite team!

It can be scary and intimidating to split a large and successful team. But splitting a growing team can be a really good thing! It means that you’ve created something so amazing that it needs to grow.

NICA's coach education team has authored a new Composite Team Expansion Playbook. This resource helps guide coaches and leadership through team growth and helps teams understand when and how to split their teams. 

The process of expanding creates teams that are able to serve more kids and get more kids on bikes. Creating new teams changes communities and gives athletes access to the transformative power of NICA. Every youth should be a part of a thriving and engaged cycling community. We have the power to help ensure that vision is a reality. 

You can find the new Composite Team Expansion Playbook (along with dozens of other coach and team resources) in the NICA Education Center. Just log into Pit Zone, click the Courses, Resources, & Benefits button, and look for the coach resources on the right side of your dashboard.

To access the Composite Team Expansion Playbook (and all other NICA Coach Resources), simply log into Pit Zone, click the “Courses, Resources, & Benefits” button, and navigate to the Coach Resources on the right side of your NICA Education Center background.

This content was authored by NICA's coach education team. NICA’s comprehensive coach education program provides new and existing coaches with the high-quality training and resources they need to be confident, competent, and empowered leaders on their youth mountain bike teams. NICA coaches not only create amazing experiences for student-athletes, they create a foundation for building healthy mountain bike communities. NICA coaches change lives! 


Special thanks to SPECIALIZED, a NICA platinum level partner.

NICA partners help kids gain access to a thriving and engaged cycling community.

Special thanks to SPECIALIZED, a NICA platinum level partner.

NICA partners help kids gain access to a thriving and engaged cycling community.



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