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AKA “Circle of Death”

Where: Open space

Objective: I can build a positive team culture. I can build timing, coordination, pressure control, and steering skills. I

can have fun.

Setup: Create a circle out of cones/coaches. Larger circle for larger groups of riders.

Rules: Once the game begins, if you put a foot down or are forced out of the circle, you are eliminated and have to exit

the circle. Hands must remain on handlebars (no pushing). Eliminated riders begin cheering for those that remain. Eliminated players can be used to make the circle smaller.

101 Skills: Braking, bike-body separation

201 Skills: Ratcheting, small circles, track stands



Everyone inside the circle begins riding in the same direction. When all are in motion, the game begins. Make the circle smaller as people are eliminated.


  • Add another circle of cones that is “attached” to your original circle, and have riders move in through the circles in a figure-eight pattern, communicating when they will pass/intersect.
  • Have the eliminated riders remain where they’ve put their foot down and become obstacles for others to navigate.
  • When only a few skilled riders remain, increase the challenge by adding any of the following instructions one at a time.
    • Ride with only one hand on the bars.
    • Switch direction.
  • Have multiple games occurring at the same time. As a rider is eliminated from one game they immediately join another group. This allows riders that need more practice on the bike to continue to play. No one is eliminated.

Reflection: How can you apply what you learned from this activity to future rides or your life?




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