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This familiar game gets a twist when you add bikes AND balance!
Where: Open space
Objective: I can build a positive team culture. I can have fun.
101 skills: Braking, bike body separation, cornering, shifting
201 skills: Track stands, ratcheting
SETUP: Use four tall cones or landmarks for boundaries. Field size is determined by the number of riders, your best judgment used. Divide your group into two equal teams. Have all riders come into the middle of the boundary to explain the rules.
Rules: Riders are divided into two teams. When a rider tags the shoulder of another player of the opposing team, the tagged rider must freeze and stay in place. The game ends when all riders on one team are frozen.
Progression: Once a player is tagged, if they can track stand a team mate can unfreeze that player. If the player has to put a foot down they are permanently frozen, until the game ends.
Reflection: How did you overcome negativity in the team? Did this affect how you approached the game?

Best for a group of 10 or more. 


Did you know…
This post is intentionally simple in its design so that it is easy to print and take to your next NICA practice!

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