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Meet Coeus

Coeus offers a growing library of on-demand CEU courses built specifically for NICA coaches. As proud NICA educational partners, we work hard to provide valuable content appropriate for all coaching levels.

Changes to NICA’s Leaders’ Summit Requirements

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Starting in 2023, the full NICA Leaders’ Summit (online and in person) will change from 5 required sessions to 4 required sessions. A completed NICA Leaders’ Summit is required for any Level 3 coach. Coaches who already have Level 3 licensure may take Leaders’ Summits (either single online sessions or any in-person session) for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Level 3 Coaches need 6 CEUs

Coach Updates for December 2022

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The NICA Coach Education team is instituting an important change in the number of CEUs (Continuing Education Units) required to maintain a Level 3 NICA coaching license.