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Coaching with Games: PART 1

Welcome to our 3-part Coaching with Games series! We’ll highlight skills, methods, and best practices for using games with your teams.
As NICA coaches, we know that fun is an essential part of learning and whole-athlete development. Here’s how you can become a pro at COACHING WITH GAMES!

Tips for coaching fundamentals for ALL of your athletes 

As coaches, it’s our responsibility to know and understand our athlete’s skill levels before bringing them to singletrack trails each season. We all know how awesome it is to ride trails – and it is SO exciting to share that joy and experience with our student-athletes. That said, the beginning of the season is a critical time for revisiting (or, in the case of new athletes, introducing) the fundamental skills of mountain biking…

How Ted Lasso Changed my life

Hello, My name is Billy Calkins. I’m a NICA coach…and I love Ted Lasso. I would say I am a hardcore fan of the show, but the reality is that the show became so much more than a show for me: Ted Lasso has, hands down, changed my life…