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Be a catalyst for bike infrastructure

Join NICA partner PeopleForBikes to create lasting change in your community.

Photo by Mike Anderson, First Light Photo – Delaware Interscholastic Cycling League

Teen Trail Corps work can take on many forms. It doesn’t always have to include dirt, trails and tools. Teen Trail Corps work is also sharing our voices

To increase trail access across the country, we must also increase our advocacy efforts. PeopleForBikes, a NICA community partner,  has launched the Great Bike Infrastructure Project to accelerate the construction of safe, fun, connected places to ride, reduce barriers to access, and welcome more people to the joys of biking.

One way PeopleForBikes will measure success is by developing a list and tracking 1,000 bike projects across the country. The list of 1,000 projects includes every state in America. From closing the Napa Valley Vine Trail gap in California to building the White River Trail Extension in Wisconsin to building protected bike lanes in our country’s urban cores, PeopleForBikes is using their resources to ensure local advocates have the tools they need to get trails, protected bike lanes, and bike parks fully funded and constructed from coast to coast as quickly as possible.

Is there a project in your community to add to the list? PeopleForBikes includes projects that have already been through a community vetting process and are realistic but bold. They may include protected bike lanes, off-road shared-use paths, trails, or bike parks. Projects included on the list should also be realistically able to obtain funding (with a local advocacy push in many cases) for design and construction in the next five years. 

Click here to submit a project for inclusion on the list.

In addition to submitting a project, you can also sign up for local action alerts that will notify you when bike projects in your community need your support. 

We want everyone to have a great place to ride bikes with their NICA team. To make that dream a reality we need our NICA community to be active advocates across the country. 

Thanks for stepping up to be leaders on your team and in your community! Let us know if you have a project you submitted to the PeopleForBikes Great Bike Infrastructure Project, or tell us how amazing bike infrastructure has impacted your team and community.

Special thanks to SPECIALIZED, a NICA platinum level partner.

NICA Partners are enabling NICA to reinvent youth sports and engage families in a thriving cycling community, for life.

Our partners’ commitment to NICA’s mission has a huge impact on our student-athletes, their families and communities across the nation. NICA partners are changing the world by getting #MoreKidsOnBikes!