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Celebrate National Trails Day

Ride, advocate, and educate for your local singletrack this June!

Photo: Katie Sox – Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League

Officially designated as the first Saturday of June every year, National Trails Day (NTD) is a day for advocacy and service to your trail community. Tens of thousands of trail users including hikers, runners, dog walkers, equestrians, mountain bikers, and more will be out celebrating trails that day. Here are some ways you can get your teams involved…

Just ride some trail!

The easiest way to participate is just going for a ride! But take a moment to recognize that it’s National Trails Day and what that means. Ask your student-athletes what access to trails means to them and why trails are important. Ask them if they know how trails come to be and how they’re maintained. Guide them through knowing how they can get involved in advocating for trails. 

Participate in trail service!

Either organize a trail service day just for your team or join a local organization hosting a service day to provide trail maintenance. When hosting an event, be sure to connect with the land manager first and check out our other TTC resources for NICA coaches. When joining another group’s service event, remember that your team’s service hours still count as trail work hours in Pit Zone. 

Photo by Aaron Puttcamp – Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League

Advocate & educate at the trailhead

Get the team to choose a popular trailhead or spread out among a few trailheads to talk to trail users as they leave for their adventure. Topics student-athletes can discuss include sharing the trails between user groups, educating the public on where the trails came from and how they’re managed, and/or sharing LNT best practices specifically for various user groups. This could also be a good time to fundraise for the local trail group or land manager to maintain the trails. 

More info

  • Check out the NICA Teen Trail Corps Coach Resources Toolbox for more information about Teen Trail Corps.
  • Check out the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day page for more information about the holiday and to find events near you. 

Share your stories
Send us your photos and stories from National Trails Day! We’d love to see and amplify all the great work our NICA community is putting back into our broader trails community. Send your photos and stories to 
We’ll see you out there Saturday, June 3rd!

Teen Trail Corps supports NICA’s mission to build strong minds, bodies, character, and communities through cycling by creating a culture of service within our community. 

Teen Trail Corps supports NICA’s vision to see every youth empowered to be part of a thriving and engaged cycling community by introducing them to the world of advocacy

Find out more about Teen Trail Corps and get involved today!