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Coeus: Connecting Training Zones & Injuries

While there are many factors that can contribute to a crash, there’s one common theme across the research: fatigue.

Photo by Brian Kohagen, Idaho Interscholastic Cycling Association.

Injuries are common during athletic activities, especially sports like mountain biking.

As coaches, we know crashes are inevitable and that part of our duty is to try and mitigate risk as much as possible. We can approach this by adequately teaching athletes proper skills, selecting appropriate trails for practice sessions, and educating riders on the inherent risk of the sport. Even with these precautions, there’s often one major contributor to injuries that gets overlooked: fatigue. A rider who is fatigued makes more mistakes, has a slower reaction time, and experiences numerous other drops in performance that lead to sports injuries. 

Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly simple way to reduce the risk of injury due to fatigue by incorporating training intensity management into your practices.

Learn about multiple training intensity tools that are free to use and how to effectively utilize them during rides to reduce injury rate with NICA partner, Coeus Education Systems.

Tim Curry, Coeus

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Tim is an Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology in Boise, Idaho with over a decade of experience and an Exercise Physiologist for the US Speedskating National Team's Sports Science Commission. He is also one of the Coach Development Managers for the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League and a NICA Coach Supporter.