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Data for Coaches

A coaching-specific summary of NICA’s 2022 End-of-Season Survey

Photo by Briana Marie Photography, NorCal League

At the end of each NICA season we send out a survey to all coaches, parents, and student-athletes. The 2022 fall end of season survey had some interesting results that can help inform our coaching. 

One of the most impressive results from the survey was that 97% of student-athletes reported that their “coach tries to create a positive community within [the] team.” That is amazing and it all comes back to the work that you are doing at the team level! You all are creating positive spaces for your student-athletes. 

The other result that confirmed you all are creating great environments for your athletes was that 76% of them said they were “extremely satisfied” with team practice and activities. If we include those that said they were somewhat satisfied the number jumps to 96%. 

One area that we could potentially strengthen as coaches is to create team standards with our athletes. Of the athletes surveyed only 35% of them strongly agreed that “My coach works with us on creating team rules.” At the beginning of each season coaches should ask their athletes, “What are the characteristics of a great teammate?” Athletes can share in small groups or write down one characteristic each. Compile the list, combine similar characteristics, and boil the list down to 5-7 attributes of a great teammate. These attributes become your team’s “Great Teammate Pledge.” Have everyone sign the pledge, put the pledge on posters, write them on team flags, get stickers printed with the attributes. When athletes identify and set their own standards of behavior, they will raise to those standards, rather than see how far they can push someone else’s rule. 

Our goal is to create an environment where students can develop as athletes and as humans. The work that you are doing matters and is making a difference for your teams!

Thanks for doing what you do to build strong minds, bodies, character and community!

Mike McGarry, Director of Coaching & Education 


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Student-Athlete responses (1,700+ responses)   
I am happy with the quality of the coaching I received. 95% agree or strongly agree
My coaches taught me more than just about riding bikes 90% agree or strongly agree
Team activities gave me the right amount of challenge (i.e. I wasn’t often bored or overwhelmed). 85% agree or strongly agree
I was accepted and treated with dignity during all team activities. 95% agree or strongly agree
My coach helps us learn how to let go of mistakes. 81% agree or strongly agree
My coach helps us see mistakes as an opportunity to improve. 91% agree or strongly agree
My coach tries to create a positive community within my team. 97% agree or strongly agree
My coach has us do activities that help us build closer relationships with other team members. 74% (usually or always)
My coach encourages us to cheer for each other. 96% (usually or always)
Please rate your satisfaction with team practices and activities 76% – extremely satisfied

About the author

Mike McGarry is NICA’s Director of Coaching & Education. Mike is recognized not only for his work with NICA’s Coach Education department, but also for his unending positivity, thoughtful teaching style, extensive library of dad jokes, and his well-known “power clap” which have been inspiring other NICA coaches and coach supporters for many years. 


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