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It’s Not Surprising Temps Are Rising…Are You Prepared?

Many of our leagues are already feeling the heat…learn how to stay cool and safe with Coeus!

Photo: Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League

With the start of the fall racing season comes rising temperatures, leading us all to look for ways to stay cool and safe out on the trails. Higher temps introduce a range of factors teams and coaches must consider, from hydration and preventing heat-related injury to heat acclimation.

To effectively manage these factors it’s vitally important to understand how heat impacts the body and how to manage increased health risks. For example, did you know the majority of the excess heat our body disperses during vigorous activity comes from internal processes like metabolism rather than environmental factors? This point is important because it means that the most effective tool coaches often have to prevent heat-related issues or injury is managing ride intensity. 

Learn about the basics of heat-related injuries, as well as risk-reduction methods including acclimation protocols in our Training in the Heat resource. You can learn even more about managing your body’s response to heat in our Performance Track and Nutrition Track CEU courses. We’ll have valuable resources and tools at all season long, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new! 

Tim Curry, Coeus

About the Author


Tim is an Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology in Boise, Idaho with over a decade of experience and an Exercise Physiologist for the US Speedskating National Team’s Sports Science Commission. He is also one of the Coach Development Managers for the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League and a NICA Coach Supporter.

Tim co-founded Coeus Education Systems alongside Bethany King in order to meet a need among NICA-certified coaches: educational content specifically built to enhance the knowledge of middle school and high school cycling coaches, available at an affordable price. 

The Coeus mission is to create and provide custom-built educational content guided by field experts who not only practice, but actively teach the subject matter at a collegiate level. Every Coeus course is tailored to meet the needs of the learner using proven instructional design.