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Bike body separation, friendly competition, and a catchy bit of music make for a memorable team game. How low can you go?

Open Space 


I can build timing, coordination, and pressure control skills. I can have fun. 


Two coaches hold a long thin object such as a pool noodle, webbing, broom handle, or a rod of bamboo (for authenticity). Riders form a line and try to ride under the object one at a time.

Photo courtesy Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League.
Note that you don't have to have a fancy limbo setup! Simply have two coaches hold the limbo stick while athletes ride underneath.

101 Skills:

Bike body separation 


Riders must ride under the height without touching the ground. Lower the object as riders progress. Riders are eliminated until you have a winner. Bonus points if you play the limbo song

Reflection Question:

What would you do differently next time?

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