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Roll the Dice

Create some excitement around skills late in your season once trail riding has gotten a little stale. Get creative and customize your skill and activity options!

Objectives: Create some excitement around skills late in your season once trail riding has gotten a little stale. Skills objectives vary based on the activities you choose to include in your game. 

Materials: 6 sided dice; at least 5 of them; if you can find some fun, oversized dice, even better!

Set Up: Create a list of six activities to be completed by individuals. Label each activity 1 through 6. You can write the list on a big piece of paper or whiteboard and display it for the athletes. If you have oversized dice, have athletes roll one die on the ground. If you have a normal sized dice, make sure that you have a hard surface for them to roll the die on, or a small box to roll the die within. Whatever number the athletes roll, that is the activity they complete!

Example list of activities:

  • Hill climb that can be completed in less than 2 minutes
  • Perform as many front wheel lifts onto a rubber chicken as you can in one minute
  • Attempt a 10-cone rock dodge
  • Perform a bike-themed dance
  • Attempt to track stand for 30 seconds
  • Do a short, steep climb
  • Perform a 30-60 second plank 
  • Name everyone in their ride group

…You can get creative, but always remember to keep it fun and allow for challenge by choice.

Bonus! Coaches can also participate in the game!

This game works best when  you have a short lap at your trail system that you do a lot. You can use this game at the end of each lap or the end of practice. You can have everyone each roll individually or have the group roll once and all complete the activity together.

Reflection:  Why was this activity more fun than just doing the activities by themselves? What activities should be added to “Roll the Dice” next time?

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