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Something true, something false

This simple get-to-know-you game is great for the beginning of the season. It encourages sharing while allowing athletes to choose the facts (and falsehoods) that they disclose about themselves, depending on their own comfort levels.

Objectives: I can connect with my teammates; I can have fun. 

Materials: Inflated bike inner tube

Ask everyone to think of three statements about themselves; two that are true and one that is not. If you have lots of athletes or less time, have them choose only one thing that is true and one thing that is false. 

In groups of 3-5, have athletes stand in a circle around the bike tube. Have each athlete hold the tube with one outstretched arm, and begin rotating the tube in a circle. Have a coach say “stop!” and whoever has the valve stem of the tube closest to their hand shares their true/false information with the group. Others guess which statement is false. When everyone has guessed, the student-athlete reveals which statement is false. Continue until everyone has shared.

Reflection: What did you learn about a teammate? What surprised you the most? Was it hard to move the tube in a circle using only one hand at first? What changed to make it easier?

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