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Game of the Month: Space Alien Invasion

Combine bike skills, tag, and rock paper scissors in this intergalactic game!

Hill or sloping climb in an open area


I can build a positive team culture. I can have fun.


Best for a group of 10 or more. Use four tall cones for boundaries, or landmarks for boundaries (use your best judgement for field size based on your environment/number of riders). All riders are spaceships riding around in the designated area.


When the coach yells, “invasion” all riders must dismount their bikes, find a partner, and play rock-paper-scissors. The losing side earns one point. Riders re-mount their bikes and continue riding until the next “invasion.” When a rider earns three points they must remain off their bike and stay in one position as space dust until another rider tags them in a rescue mission and they can resume play.

101 Skills

Braking, bike body separation, neutral/ready position

Reflection Question

What did you enjoy about the activity? What didn’t you enjoy?

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