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Tips for coaching fundamentals for ALL of your athletes 

As coaches, it’s our responsibility to know and understand our athlete’s skill levels before bringing them to singletrack trails each season. We all know how awesome it is to ride trails – and it is SO exciting to share that joy and experience with our student-athletes. That said, the beginning of the season is a critical time for revisiting (or, in the case of new athletes, introducing) the fundamental skills of mountain biking…


PLUS: A printable ABCDE handout for your student-athletes! Check out NICA’s best practices for creating an enjoyable ride by starting with a functional and safe bike.

How e-bikes are changing the coaching landscape

“Without my e-bike, there is no way I could coach at every practice. Having an e-bike allows me to lead rides when other coaches aren’t familiar with trail systems, or sweep when I want to spend time coaching the newer kids. And, outside of NICA, I ride with my husband and a women’s group weekly. It makes it much more enjoyable to ride multiple times each week.”

Celebrate Women’s Mountain Biking Day

This grassroots day of recognition is a time for women to gather and share their stoke for riding. It can involve anything from an informal group shred to an organized, stoke-filled event. IMBA, the International Mountain Biking Association, wants NICA teams to join in the fun across the country…

Bike Limbo

Bike body separation, friendly competition, and a catchy bit of music make for a memorable team game. How low can you go? Have two coaches hold a long thin object such as a pool noodle, webbing, broom handle, or a rod of bamboo (for authenticity). Riders form a line and try to ride under the object one at a time.