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Game of the Month: Have you ever?

Have you ever…wanted to build more community within your team? Then this game is for you! Laugh your way through a series of questions and find out what you have in common with your fellow teammates and coaches…

Objective: I can learn something new about a teammate, I can identify something I have in common with a teammate

Setup: Have the entire group form a circle 

Rules: Ask your group all or some of the following questions. If the question is true for them, they step forward. If it isn’t true for them, they just stand still. 

Have you ever…
  • …been to a NICA event? 
  • …broken a bone mountain biking? 
  • …gone backpacking? 
  • …been on a roller coaster? 
  • …dug a hole in the sand until you hit water?
  • …actively looked for your car in a parking lot for over 15 minutes?
  • …called your teacher mom? 
  • …stayed up all night? 
  • …picked up food off the ground and ate it? 
  • …been to a rodeo in person?
  • …driven a go-cart
  • …had your tonsils surgically removed? 
  • …given yourself a haircut?
  • …spent an entire night in a hammock?
  • …baked a cake or pie from scratch?
  • …flown without mechanical aid in your dreams?
  • …made a blanket fort? 
  • …accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person?
  • …lost your glasses and found them on your face?
  • …been out of the country?
  • …faked an illness to stay home from school? 
  • …spent the night in the hospital?
  • …used someone else’s toothbrush? 
  • …changed a baby’s diaper? 
  • …farted at the grocery store and quickly left the aisle? 
  • …participated in a school musical? 
  • …seen a cassette tape? 
  • …made a snow angel? 
  • …faked having to use the bathroom to get out of class?

Reflection: Ask athletes: what did you notice? What did you find that you had in common with a fellow teammate?

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