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Have you ever…

Have you ever…wanted to build more community within your team? Then this game is for you! Laugh your way through a series of questions and find out what you have in common with your fellow teammates and coaches…

Roll the Dice

Create some excitement around skills late in your season once trail riding has gotten a little stale. Get creative and customize your skill and activity options!

Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League participants stand in front of a mountaintop vista, looking over lake with fall colors all around. The athletes have their hands raised in a dramatic fashion.

The Essential nature of Free Play & Bikes

Many of us grew up riding bikes in our neighborhoods with friends. Maybe we built jumps or rode all the way to the local gas station for a snack. No one was telling us how to play or what to play. We made up our own rules. Research has found that these types of free play experiences foster social skills, and inherently demand some form of inclusion. They promote lifelong, intrinsic motivation for sport participation.

Knee Tag: A Game for NICA Athletes

Knee Tag

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This quick, inclusive, and easy-to-explain off-the-bike game gets teams moving and laughing together. Knee tag is a great activity for the start of the season, as student-athletes get to know one another. It’s also perfect for a warm up for a ride, for days that trails are closed, or for any time when you need to get student-athletes and coaches smiling!