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Have you ever…

Have you ever…wanted to build more community within your team? Then this game is for you! Laugh your way through a series of questions and find out what you have in common with your fellow teammates and coaches…

How Ted Lasso Changed my life

Hello, My name is Billy Calkins. I’m a NICA coach…and I love Ted Lasso. I would say I am a hardcore fan of the show, but the reality is that the show became so much more than a show for me: Ted Lasso has, hands down, changed my life…

Building Team Culture during the start of your season

Teams take time to form and build. Coaches need to respect that building process and help guide athletes through the process. The start of each season is a great way to invite new athletes into your team culture and remind returning athletes why they love being a part of your team.

The Endlessly-Adaptable Scavenger Hunt

For our spring leagues in the midst of race season, a scavenger hunt can be a great mid-week change to your practice routine. It can make a trail system that you’ve ridden dozens of times feel like a new experience. A scavenger hunt or full-team on-trail game can break up race prep or help your athletes take a rest after a weekend of racing.

The Impossible Climb

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Use “The Impossible Climb” at practice after you have taught all of NICA’s 101 climbing skills, and have given your student-athletes an opportunity to attempt a challenging climb that you designed. You will want to be intentional about using the name “impossible climb.” This name gives your riders permission to make mistakes and acknowledges that failure is part of the fun.

Bear, Salmon, Mosquito

Bear, Salmon, Mosquito

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An off-the-bike, chase-style game that has athletes thinking on their feet, smiling, bonding…and sprinting! 

Knee Tag: A Game for NICA Athletes

Knee Tag

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This quick, inclusive, and easy-to-explain off-the-bike game gets teams moving and laughing together. Knee tag is a great activity for the start of the season, as student-athletes get to know one another. It’s also perfect for a warm up for a ride, for days that trails are closed, or for any time when you need to get student-athletes and coaches smiling!